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Modern Colors began working with high end residential homes and our attention to detail has sharpened to an unmatched level of excellence. We offer the same quality and attention to detail in all residential projects such as:



Interior Painting – Texturing – Acoustic / Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Cabinet Finishes and Resurfacing – Furniture Restoration and Finishes – Drywall Installation and Repair - Remodels – Basement Finishes – New Construction - Faux –and more….

Interior Painting:

We take pride in our quality workmanship and take extra steps to ensure complete satisfaction for all of our clients. We believe that the highlight of every project and the key to a quality finish begins in the prep work. We begin each project by first protecting all of our clients’ belongings by safely removing furniture from the project areas and covering all surfaces of the home or belongings with protective drop cloths or plastic to make sure they are well protected from the slightest amount of dust or spec of paint. Then we go over the entire project surface to check for imperfections such as nail pops, scratches, undesired nail holes, stress cracks, and divots. We take proper measure to repair all minor or major imperfections prior to paint. We prime all needed areas, sand wall surfaces as needed and then apply high quality premium paint from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Porter, Glidden, Behr, or any desired manufacturer while using each manufacturer’s top brand. Along with using premium quality paint, we complement that by using premium primers, caulking such as 50 year caulk or better, and drywall materials. We believe that by complementing high quality detailed work with premium quality materials and attention to detail, the end result will always surpass all expectations and ensure complete satisfaction and long lasting finish.

Texturing – Acoustic / Popcorn ceiling removal – Drywall Installation and Repair:

Modern Colors provides a full line of drywall and texturing to meet all of your needs. From popcorn ceiling removal to knockdown texture or Venetian plaster, we can be your one stop shop for all of your projects. Our staff are experts in drywall repair and installation so if you have a hole in a wall or need to sheet rock an entire basement or a newly constructed home, Modern Colors can help you by providing you expert drywall service at a competitive rate.

Cabinet Finishes and Resurfacing – Furniture Restoration and Finishes:

Do you have old orange oak cabinets and trim? Are you tired of a particular wood finish in your home or on your furniture? Do you wish you could just give a complete and inexpensive facelift to your existing cabinets, trim, wood furniture? If so, then let Modern Colors show you some of the many resurfacing, glazing, or faux finishes for any of the projects in need of attention and updating. Modern Colors can turn your old orange finish oak wood trim, door, or cabinets to a rich modern glazed finish or can lighten them and enlarging the room or kitchen by enameling them to a crisp off white, or any other tone you desire.
This process includes us sanding down the current finish, priming all surfaces, sanding again, caulking all cracks and seams for a smooth finish, final primer coat and sanding, then enamel to a rich matt, or high gloss finish and turn any trim, door, or cabinet to a new modern finish with years of durability and enjoyment. All this for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Maybe you have some wood furniture that is old and boring such as wood shelves, benches, entertainment centers, coffee tables, dining room tables and chairs, or nightstands. If you are burdened by such old and boring materials, let Modern Colors bring them to life by refinishing them to an exotic finish such as an antique look, glazed, crackled, weathered, whitewashed, or simply re-staining them to a newer more modern or desirable finish. We have a passion for turning old unwanted furniture and objects into desirable and exotic pieces of art all at a price that will bore no one when you tell them what it cost to get that work of art…. Or you might not want to mention the price and just enjoy your new exotic furniture and see if any of your friends and family even notice it’s the same old thing.

Remodels – Basement Finishes – New Construction:

If you have a small remodeling project such as turning a room into a nursery, kitchen make over, a bathroom extension, built in entertainment center or a room addition, let Modern Colors provide you with a free in home consultation and let us help you offering you our services and our expertise to assist you in the completion of your project by bringing to life your dreams from paper to reality.


Modern Colors also offers a variety of Faux finishes for wall surfaces, cabinets, trim, and ceilings. When the time comes to discuss your custom project, a Faux finish expert will be meet with you and discuss the many options available and assist you in finding the finish of your dreams. Then, based on the discussions and the finishes picked and discussed, we will produce samples so you can see and feel the finish prior to applying the coating to and entire project.


Exterior Painting – Stucco and Masonry Painting - Wood Rot Repair – Siding Repair – Guttering - Power washing – Decks – Fences –New Construction – and more….

Exterior Painting:

Painting and protecting the exterior of your home is one of the most important investments of your lifetime, second only to the actual purchase of your home. This decision should not be taken lightly and many factors should be involved in the decision making process. Here are a few key points we believe are very important.
There are many solid and quality painters our there so we are not here to tell you what other painters can or can’t do. We would like to explain the procedures we follow and explain their importance and allow you to make an educated decision on how to protect your home and check book at the same time.

Just like any project, the key in exterior painting is preparation and attention to detail. No detail is too small or insignificant to be ignored and no corners can be cut.
Our process starts with a detailed examination of the homes exterior to determine if there is any wood rot or damaged areas in need of repair. If the home is not in need of any such repair, then we start with the second step which is to power wash all exterior surfaces with an environmentally friendly cleaner to remove dirt and debris and basically clean and wash the exterior. Having a clean dirt free surface is extremely important in this process. We then allow the home to dry completely prior to the next step. We follow up with a full scraping of all loose paint around home and especially on trim and then follow up with a sanding step if needed. While in this process, we also examine the caulking around home in such areas as around trim, seams, joints, and around windows and doors. If the caulking is in bad shape, rather than caulking over it, we remove the old caulking, clean the surface, prime, and re-caulk using premium caulk. After scraping all needed areas, we then price all bare surfaces and other areas as needed. If home is in bad peeling condition, after scraping and sanding the surface, we coat the entire house with a bonding primer to ensure long lasting protection against future peel. Once primer has cured on the surface, we begin the painting process using only the premium paints from the top manufacturers.
We offer many coating options such as multi tone on the front side such as a different color for body, trim, and front door. If multi tones are desired around the remaining sides, please discuss that with your consultant and it will be taken care of.

Prior to painting, we offer up to three color sample combinations so that you can see the colors you have chosen sampled on your home and get to see it in real light instead of on a small inch square. This way, you can be sure you will be extremely satisfied with the final result once finished. We also include garage doors, gutters, and front door unless requested otherwise.

Decks and Fences:

Modern Colors Deck and Fence offers a full line of services tailored towards wood products including decks, fences, cabinets, furniture and more. Let us help you bring out the beauty of the wood in your home, business, or complex, by refinishing, restoring, staining, sealing and more.

Commercial – Industrial:

Apartments – Office Buildings – Warehouses – Hotels – Churches – Shopping Centers – and more….

Whether you own or manage apartment complexes to hotels, are a multi unit home owner, a business owner, or an investor in any of the above, Modern Colors can provide the exceptional service you need to keep up with your demands while giving you unmatched service at the most competitive rate. From a single family home to a thousand unit complex, Modern Colors can help you turn your investment, complex, office space, or business by accommodating the high standards of today with a value that will give you years of benefit and enjoyment.

From one room to an entire building or a thousand unit complexes, Modern Colors should be your number one choice for all of your interior and exterior painting, exterior and interior repairs, wood rot, deck, fence, siding, flooring, cleaning, and decorative concrete needs. We offer exceptional quality and service while being extremely competitive to keep you satisfied for years to come.